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Creating a new food process

Australia has very high standards for food hygiene which is why it is very challenging to run a food processing plant in Australia. It is worth all of the challenges though because the fact that a company has been able to make a food product in Australia becomes a sign of very high quality. This blog has some tips from manufacturing experts and professionals on how to get a food processing plant in Australia to meet the relevant national and state quality standards. I hope it is useful for anyone who is looking to start or upgrade their current food manufacturing business.



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Some Accessories to Buy for Your School's Sports Field

When you're in charge of purchasing the equipment needed for your school's sports field or fields, you want to ensure you get all the accessories and pieces needed for game play and practice, and for protecting the goalposts in particular. Note a few of those items that are easy to overlook when shopping, so you know you protect the field and your school's equipment.

Offseason caps

The goalposts you choose for your school's field will probably be taken down and stored during the offseason, to protect them from rust, vandalism, and even theft. This leaves behind huge gaps in the field where those posts are located; these gaps can collect rainwater that may ruin the turf, and also be a tripping hazard.

Offseason caps fit over these gaps to protect them from water build-up and ensure no one trips on that trench, and that no small animals get caught in the crevice. These caps can also alert lawn care and maintenance workers to the gap, so they don't run a mower over it, which might otherwise damage the blades or cause the mower to tip.

Post pads

A child running into a goalpost can suffer serious injuries and even damage the post. Post pads wrap around the base of goalposts and keeps them safe. These are especially important for younger children who are still learning the game and field boundaries, and are also needed for older players who may run fast and easily get caught up in the game, ignoring the location of the posts. Opt for thick rugby pads for games with faster play, or flat pads for posts that only need a small amount of padding, such as those used for practice.

Easy lifter

Taking posts down during the offseason and manually carrying them to your storage facility can be difficult, if not downright impossible. Easy lifters are typically brackets that you wrap and secure around the post, and which then have cables or handles that make moving those posts easier. Don't assume that even an aluminium, lightweight post can be moved by your maintenance crew, but invest in some type of lifter to assist.


Even when goalposts are securely inserted into the ground, they may still sway and bend in high winds. Counterweights are large weights with chains that attach to the posts, to keep them upright and balanced. These weights are especially important if your school is located in an area that is prone to strong storms and high winds, which can easily pull the posts out of place.

Talk to the place you purchase your goal posts from, a place like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd, about any additional accessories they might have.